Planetary Gearboxes

In an epicyclic gear unit (planetary gear unit), several spur gears are evenly distributed between an internally toothed gear and an externally toothed gear. The spur gears move on a concentric circular path.

Planetary gear units are of great importance and versatile in many areas of mechanical engineering. They transmit high power and realize high gear ratios and speeds with a favorable mass inertia ratio. With an increasing number of planetary gears, the distribution of the load and thus the transmittable torque increases, whereby planetary gears in compact design can transmit very high torques with high efficiency.




Planetary gearboxes

Small, light and space saving


  • Extremely low noise
  • High efficiency due to low rolling power
  • High gear ratio variety due to combination of several planetary stages
  • Gear ratios 3:1 to 100:1
  • Low maintenance

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