Bevel Planetary Gearbox

The bevel planetary gearboxes combine the characteristics of a compact and spiral bevel gear stage with those of a planetary gearbox.

The spiral-toothed bevel gear stage ensures low-noise power transmission at a 90° angle, and the planetary gear with its high power density enables high torques and high gear ratios in the tightest of spaces. The gearbox combination enables high torsional stiffness and low backlash.

The input flange of the bevel planetary gearbox is freely configurable and is individually adapted to your motor. The gear units are low-maintenance, lubricated for life and optimized for mounting in all installation positions.



Bevel planetary gearbox

Small, light and space saving


  • Extremely low noise
  • High gear ratio variety
  • Gear ratios 3:1 to 100:1
  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Low maintenance

Construction types