Power becomes motion

About us

A brand-new gearbox is a fascinating piece of technology: The heavy iron casting stands for power and stability. The ball bearing inside, on the other hand, moves easily, almost playfully.

ATEK produces angular gearboxes in premium quality. In order to perfectly adjust the circumferential backlash to the customer’s requirements, for example, even a skilled worker needs many years of experience. It depends on this precision whether the drive performs the exactly desired rotary motion and positioning of the drive even under difficult conditions, for example due to high temperatures or the application of enormous forces – and this for many years almost without wear.

Such masterpieces are manufactured by hand by about 30 employees at ATEK in Rellingen. The production process, however, is optimized to the highest possible degree from warehouse management to manufacturing to shipping – even demanding designs can often be delivered within hours as a result. These fast delivery times are ATEK’s unique selling point.

To this end, ATEK keeps almost half a million individual parts in stock. The profound modularization of the gear components allows products to be manufactured efficiently and in a wide range of applications according to the modular design principle. In addition to the product business, ATEK also offers design services and gearbox maintenance.