Floating Caliper Brakes

Floating caliper brakes, also known as floating caliper brakes, offer an innovative solution for braking applications with limited installation space. Due to their unique design, they allow free axial movement of the caliper on guide pins and ensure even pressure distribution on both sides of the brake disk.

Special functions:

  • Axial mobility: The brake calliper can move freely axially, ensuring even pressure distribution.
  • Compact design: With only one fixed point, floating caliper brakes are ideal for applications where space is at a premium.
  • Powerful: They can generate braking forces in the range of 15 to 370 kN.
  • Air gap mediation: A special device prevents the floating calliper module from touching the brake disk when released.

Versatile adaptability: The floating calliper design ensures that no significant torques are introduced into the upright construction. The arrangement of an intermediate plate between the spring brake module and floating calliper module means that they can be used with different brake disk thicknesses.

Areas of application: Floating calliper brakes are used in a wide range of applications, particularly as passive holding and emergency stop brakes that are closed by a spring when not in use. Typical areas of application include:

  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Heavy industry
  • Conveyor system construction
  • General mechanical engineering

Conclusion: Floating calliper brakes offer a space-saving, economical and powerful solution for various industrial applications. Their flexible adaptability and reliable braking performance make them the ideal choice for demanding braking requirements.

Spring-applied and hydraulically released


Spring-applied and hydraulically released

Floating caliper brake

Passive floating calliper brake: spring-applied and hydraulically released


  • Braking forces: 15 to 370 kN
  • Free axial movement
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Space-saving use
  • Minimal torques in the stator construction
  • Variable brake disk thicknesses
  • Wide range of applications as holding and emergency stop brakes
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