Hypoid Gearboxes

Hypoid gear units are high-precision and high-performance axle offset gear units. These dynamic gear units meet the high demands of our time in every respect. They are powerful and compact. It is not without reason that they are used worldwide in robotics and for highly dynamic applications, among others. Hypoid gear units are also colloquially known as bevel gear axle drives.

Hypoid gear units belong to the spiral bevel gear units. The advantage of a hypoid gear unit is that the bevel pinion is provided with a larger spiral angle due to the axis offset. This increases the total overlap of the gearing. For this reason, hypoid gears are able to transmit more torque in the same installation space. This results in a larger number of possible gear ratios and a higher possible transmission ratio.

Due to the high sliding proportion in the toothing, particularly smooth running and very low circumferential backlash can be achieved.




Servo motor


Hypoid gearboxes

Hypoid toothed wheelsets - Axle offset between input and output


  • Gear ratios: i = 3:1 to 15:1
  • Maximum output torque 1450 Nm
  • 6 gearbox sizes from 090 to 260 mm edge length
  • Backlash arm possible in the version < 4 angular minutes
  • Housing made of aluminum

Construction types


Servo hypoid gearbox

With motor flange for servo motors


  • Gear ratios: i = 3:1 to 15:1
  • Maximum acceleration torque at output 2160 Nm
  • 6 gearbox sizes from 090 to 260 mm edge length
  • Minimized backlash (optional)
  • Aluminum housing
  • Hypoid gears suitable for mounting servo motors

Construction types

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