Industry overview

You are not strangers to us.

Regardless of the industry within which you are looking for specific drive solutions – we have them, or we work with you to develop them: cooperatively, purposefully and efficiently.

There is almost no industry in which ATEK drive solutions are not already in use. Our product portfolio is wide-ranging, is constantly being innovatively supplemented and meets the highest demands in terms of individual performance differentiation, efficiency and reliability. In view of the large number of variation and modification options offered by our drive solutions, ATEK gear units can be used in a wide range of industries. Thus, the overview of the main industries mentioned below as examples, in which ATEK gear units are used, can be extended almost at will.

With our extensive range of gear units, we basically cover all requirements in the main industries of agriculture, chemicals, energy and environment, leisure, consumer and FMCG, metal and electronics as well as transport and logistics.