Shaft Brakes

The spring-applied shaft brakes provide reliable and precise braking force for industrial applications. They are designed so that the stator assembly is firmly connected to a stationary machine part, while the rotor assembly sits securely on the rotating shaft, ensuring reliable braking action.

Special optional features:

  • Additional hand lever for manual release.
  • Adjustable torque.

How it works: When de-energized, the rotor presses against the friction linings to generate the braking force. When voltage is applied, the brake is released and the shaft can rotate freely. This ensures safe and controlled movement of the shaft.

Areas of application: Ideal for conveyor systems, robots, machine tools and elevators where precise motion control and safety are critical.

Spring-operated and electromagnetically opened


Spring-operated and electromagnetically opened

Shaft brake

Active shaft brake: spring-operated and electromagnetically released


  • Powerful

  • Space-saving design

  • Minimum axial installation space

  • Fast response time

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