Type HDV – Hygiene-design bevel gearboxes


  • Gear ratios: i = 1:1 up to 6:1
  • Maximum output torque: 430 Nm
  • 4 gearbox sizes with edge lengths of 065 up to 140 mm
  • Low-backlash design: less than 10 angular minutes possible 
  • All parts made of VA steel

The material selection, the design, and the surface finish ensure optimum cleaning properties and maximum hygiene. The stainless-steel design of all external components efficiently prevents any form of corrosion and is additionally acid-proof and alkaline-resistant. The typical product qualities such as high running smoothness, high efficiency, robustness, running accuracy are guaranteed, and an excellent ability to supply goes without saying.

Hygienic-design gearboxes are our response to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food-processing industries.


The example shows the construction type C0

The order code reflects the customer specifications.

Type Size Gear Ratio Construction type Fixing side Installation Position Speed n2 Design
HDV 065 1:1 C0- 1. 1- 500 /0000
Description Housing edge length; Table 7.2.16-1 Table 7.2.16-1  Figure 7.2.14-1; Construction types Side to which fixing is made. Table 7.2.3-1; Figure 7.2.14-1; Gearbox sides Side pointing downwards; Figure 7.2.14-2
Gearbox sides
Slowly rotating shaft;
Table 7.2.16-1

Type overview