Precise, modular and fast.

You have the possibility to buy the bevel and worm gear sets we use. Please ask us for them. More details about the wheelsets available at ATEK and information about housings, bearing, circumferential backlash, available sizes and dimensional drawings can be found here as a download.


Product features

  • Spiral bevel gear sets
  • High quality worm gear sets
  • Gear ratios: i = 1:1 to 83:1
  • Maximum output torque 13,720 Nm
  • Toothing module from 0.8 to 12.5 mm

Bevel gear sets

Spiral toothing, case-hardened and lapped in pairs
module 0.8 – 8.1
Gear ratios: i = 1:1 – 1.5:1 – 2:1
Max. Output torques up to T2max = 5400 Nm

Worm wheel sets

High performance wheelset for customized solutions
9 sizes from center distance A = 040 to 250 mm
Nominal gear ratios: i = 5:1 to 83:1
Maximum output torques T2max = 13,720 Nm