Branch-off bevel gearboxes – with additional shafts 


  • for gear ratios of 1.5:1 to 6:1 with type V
  • for gear ratios of 1.5:1 to 2:1 with type VS
  • with solid shaft or hollow shaft
  • up to 6 shaft ends

The modular system of our bevel gearboxes makes it possible to manufacture a variety of type variants.
In the standard gearboxes, the shafts are always arranged in one plane.
In Multi shaft gearboxes, additional shafts can be arranged perpendicular to this plane.
The dimensions and permissible loads correspond to the standard types.
The power flow is defined by the application. The gear ratio of 1:1 is only possible with type F2 (*).
Apart from that, all gear ratios are available. Only one gear ratio may be realised within one gearbox.

Typ V
Typ VS